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Home Depot cat 5 and 6 recall

Fire hazard spawns recall of Home Depot released cat 5 and cat 6 cable
Home Depot Recalls CE Tech Riser Cable Due to Fire Hazard Consumers should stop using this product unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a r…

Deciding what cable is right for you

Cable requirements vary from client to client. What do YOU need?
The Importance of Structured Cabling   Your cabling infrastructure typically accounts for a small portion of your total IT systems and networking investment, yet an improper…

Facts vs Myths - Cat 5 and cat 6

Clarifying the differences of category rated cables
Facts and Myths About Category Rated Cables    #1 - Fact or Myth? "Category 6 cables can carry a signal further than Category 5E cable."   Answer: Myth  …