Installing a new computer network can be a daunting experience for many. There are many things to think about and to make decisions on to ensure the reliability and accessibility required.

One of which is the type of cabling to install for the speeds required between access points. This depends greatly upon the type of area in which it is to be installed. Our highly trained professionals can relieve the headaches associated with this type of planning, and design an accurate and sophisticated cable plant design that is right for you and your network.


We also offer a complete certification of any new or existing LAN (Local Area Network), comprised of running advanced diagnostics on each individual cable or fiber within your system to determine the quality and performance that each cable that is installed.

This certification can help determine the global health of your network and eliminate questions as to whether a problem may be caused by network components, or simply a faulty wire. We also guarantee that any particular cabling scheme will suffice for the upcomming technology and ensure its compatibility and throughput.

We specialize in a variety of structured cabling services consisting of, but not limted to:

Structured Cabling Systems Installation

- Voice and data premise wiring
- Copper-Category 3, 5, 5e, and 6
- Fiber - Multi-Mode and Single-Mode
- Data over POTS and Data over Coax
- Home Theater wiring
- Paging systems
- Fiber-to-the-desk
- Audio / Video

Design/Build services

- Design and implementation consulting
- Communication systems pathways/spaces
- Equipment room build-out

Comprehensive testing and certification

- System certification
- TIA/EIA and IEEE compliance verification
- Leviton Certified 

Not sure which solution is best for you or your network? Just ask us!